Dealing with Church and Social Media and Propaganda



                     Dealing with   Church and Social Media and Propaganda



              Today is 02/16/2021. I must confess today I had issues coming up with a title for this Journalistic Piece but given the occurrences that have happened I think it is appropiate

                I was surfing on Easyhits4u traffic exchange and while surfing I came across a site that belonged to free rotator site. This site used a biblical verse with two billy goats butting heads and it used a questionable version of the bible Amplified version not the King James. This organization had a facebook page. After completing research, The organization belonged to lighthouse Ministries from Montgomery, Alabama. The verse talks about telling a brother when he is wrong in private so trying to send a cryptic message to myself and others. I would like to point out your mistakes since you brought it up and they are the following :

             1). I was mostly banned from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Linkedin either blatantly or shadow banned. I published my work based on Intelligent Design-God and yet this organization Light House Ministries continues on Facebook and twitter and preaching the revised word of God (Amplified Version). To make a bigger point many Churches continue to exist on Facebook and Twitter. When I went to a Baptist Church, I was taught you cannot serve two masters either Jesus Christ or the Devil in this case Facebook and Twitter. You cannot have one set of rules for one and a different set of rules for others. Some of these churches like to play church and serving two masters, These churches do not understand by agreeing to facebook and twitter policies, censorships and propaganda you have sold yourself for 30 pieces of Silver to the Devil (Facebook and Twitter). This looks like a Nazi Policy to me 1930's. I have banned facebook and twitter from my network to be clear on this.

            2). I would like to bring the churches attention to two major historical events that Facebook and Twitter are trying to coverup or sweep under the rug. Facebook after completing research has attempted to distort history by trying to cover up the Irish Slavery issues by placing a low ranking on Irish documents in the 1600-1700's instead replacing it with denials from a unethical newspaper New York Times and Public Educators from America ? Facebook has attempted to censor these important events probably to force "White people" to pay reparations. The problem is with this evidence that supported The Irish Slavery claim documents and visits to the Caribbean people speaking Gaelic it would say Facebook attempts to distort history in my case why would I want to make reparation payments from one former slave to another ? Included in this list of white people are from Russia. My wife came to America back in 1998 from the former Soviet Union so because she is a white person she has to make payments as well. This is not acceptable either really making royalty payments to other minority's. If this happens, I think my wife and I would be better off in Canada, Europe, or back to Russia no deal ! I cannot believe churches who accept these kinds of censorships are actually supporting facebook and twitter policy's.

           3). Facebook has engaged in civil and human rights violations examples are That they have article below


              To be clear on this my wife told me that the Nazis killed over 60 million Russians in concentration and labor camps not 27 million as our Western Historians failed to acknowledge. The Western Historians state 6 million Jewish People were exterminated probably more. I would like to point out again that by supporting Facebook and twitter you are supporting Neo Nazis. I removed my wife off of facebook because Neo Nazis are allowed out on facebook but when Russians living in America are basically denied the right to speak up while Zuckenberg makes false statements in front of Congress sound familiar ? hint Soviet Union Stalin.

            My solution to Facebook and Twitter is to ban these organizations from Ireland, Israel, and Russia. We do not need law enforcement we need censorships of these satanic organizations and the agents who sell their souls fro 30 pieces of Silver Judas Iscariot.



           In conclusion, If churches are going to support these types of actions from facebook and twitter they may find themselves banned off of my Network this is aiding and lending material support to a enemy. I would like to point out in the Midwest we use to have a saying "Good Fences make Good Neighbors" this was used in the Soviet Union " wall" this kept out enemies and it worked for a long time so in our case we cannot help a enemy with bridges for them to engage in questionable activities Espionage(Facebook and twitter) as a example. I have begun building a cyber wall that will kept these Nazi Organizations out of my Network.




Barry L. Crouse




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