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Dealing with Church and Social Media and Propaganda

                         Dealing with   Church and Social Media and Propaganda                   Today is 02/16/2021. I must confess today I had issues coming up with a title for this Journalistic Piece but given the occurrences that have happened I think it is appropiate                 I was surfing on Easyhits4u traffic exchange and while surfing I came across a site that belonged to free rotator site. This site used a biblical verse with two billy goats butting heads and it used a questionable version of the bible Amplified version not the King James. This organization had a facebook page. After completing research, The organization belonged to lighthouse Ministries from Montgomery, Alabama. The verse talks about telling a brother when he is wrong in private so trying to send a cryptic message to myself and others. I would like to point out your mistakes since you brought it up and they are the following :              1). I was mostly banned from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Li

Thoughts on Slavery Repreations You forgot something in your Western History Books

          Today is 02/09/2021. I came across a article regarding the U.S. and making slave reparation payments. The article is below for review:        The problem with this is the U.S. and it's Public Education along with Social Media refused to accept the fact that Irish were sold into slavery in the 1600's and 1700's.          As I get older, I find many inconvenient truths that were hidden and should have been made known example I attended Baptist Churches for over 20 years and knowing that I am from what I understand a Irish Tartan Clan Singleton were sold as slaves for 5 pounds on the trading blocks. Imagine every time you went to church service and held your head down knowing you did not belong there without knowing your history until later on in life hint you knew deep inside but did not know The link is below