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Barrys Scientific Based Products Newsletter January 2021

                   Today is 01/27/2021. I have a lot of information to cover so I will begin to get right into it.                  1). I have completed my 94th Copyright with the full development of the Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation. The work is located on under Post Quantum Cryptography version three.                  2). I have signed and certify off on two certificates using my 16384 bit certificate. I was able to certify a Certificate based in Switzerland. The Certificate has full trust rights on my server.                3). Search with Barry ! according to global Internet Rankings has made the Top 100,000 sites in the world and is doing quiet well after roughly three months.                4). Barry Equality Field equation is now a service mark of Washington State in addition to Florida.                 5). I have created a partnership Business with my wife named Barry and Irina Partnership registered in

Open Letter to Hollywood and Youtube

        Today is 01/16/2021 ,I have decided that the best way to address issues with Hollywood and Youtube is to confront them. My issue with them is their deployment of psychological warfare. I would like to provide a example:      During the past two weeks youtube showed me the series Highlander and Duncans love of Tessa. In the first two years, Tessa was shot and killed. Youtube and Hollywood would show me Adrian Paul Interviews and music that showed them togother. This went on everyday for two weeks showing how Tessa died in the end two weeks. My wife is from Europe and has a accent as well and she looks like Tessa as well. Yesterday on 01/15/2021, I asked a few of these people who uploaded the content and asked them is there something they wanted to say to us. They stated they only wished us Good luck in their strange ways. I told one of them that was actually from Google support I would rid myself of Youtube and they gave me two hearts one for each channel and I have begun purgin

My Network of marketing

                   Today is 01/13/2020. I have built over the past five years a Network of roughly 1300 connections using Easyhits4u. This has been a great way of marketing a product using Traffic exchange, Banners, text ads. This Network has allowed me to grow my youtube channel and receive positive reviews for my web sites.                    I would like to give you some information. I came out on youtube in 2017 roughly 4 years and I received over 100,000 and 3600 plus subscibers for Barrys Scientific Based Products link below                            I have provided a banner below if you wish to sign up below                                              

Cyber attacks coming from twitter and facebook

         Today is 01/12/2021. I would like to discuss the recent cyber attacks coming from Twitter and Facebook.         On 12/25/2020 Christmas Day, Twitter suspended my account wishing to give me a Christmas Present. On or around New Years Day 2021, A attempt from Whatsapp tried to launch a malicious attack on my server.      These types of actions have been consistent with holidays. I have banned Twitter, Facebook, Instagram off my server in response to their cyber attacks. I have also placed a notice on my websites that have Intellectual property copyrights and trademarks they are no longer permitted to access my Copyrights or trademarks in response to the actions they have chosen.      In my viewpoint Twitter, facebook, and Instagram have violated the U.S. Federal Constitution (Free Speech), Helsinki Accord, IP property law. I have blocked their cookies, Certificate of Authoritys.  They have in my viewpoint have engaged in Intellectual Violence, Propaganda,Censorship, aided and su

Message to youtube -Barry

                    Today is 01/06/2021, Happy New Year !. I would like to talk about a subject that I have been seeing on my youtube channel out of the blue mainly old TV Series such as Highlander and Duncan McCloud and Star Trek the next generation LT. Worf.                      A little background these people portray the warrior's Heart and yes they are mainly male characters so this does not include Feminism so Seattle, Tacoma, etc this is not for you.                     The characters in these shows try to demonstrate certain quality's in the making of a warrior and to what lengths they would goto to preserve honor, loyalty, courage.   The teachings what I believe come from Ghengis Khan and what he believed what made a great warrior so this does not include Patton nor MacArthur. These people commanded in the back not in the front so this is not for you people who believe Great Generals lead in the back.                    I liked the representation of LT. Worf in the Rit