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Thoughts about Has been Celebrity's

         Today as I was working on some new advertisements and Designs, I came across a quote "Hello Barry, You may think I am small but I also have a infinite mind" -Yoko Ohno        I thought about this for a while and now I would like to supply a response. The way this is worded it came across to me as some anger issues from old celebrity's who have been forgotten.        I can remember some of these stars back in the 80's while serving in the Ohio National Guard living in a foxhole for three weeks while you were having the good life.         I can remember that when I reached 35 years old as a kick boxer hint (blood sweat, and tears) I had to pursue another career writing copy rights and now at 57 years old roughly 22 years later I am getting ready to make a new career change Social Media Influencer.          These has been Celebrity's appear not to understand that once their acting career is over they did not make a new career transition instead lived off of

Barrys Scientific Based Products Custom Search Engine

                    I have developed a Custom Search Engine using Google software and have found a place to host it. The name of the Search Engine is named Barrys Scientific Based Products Custom Search Engine. The Link where it is hosted is below if you wish to see relevant results within a certain set of parameters. I have pasted the code into this blog                     Barrys Scientific Based Products Custom Search Engine               

Broken Promises in a System-memoirs of Barry Crouse part 8

                                Broken Promises in a System-memoirs of Barry Crouse part 8                       Today is 12/03/2020. I am finishing up this short story. The year is 2002 and we just moved from Oklahoma City to Salt Lake City Utah. My wife and I took a job at a temporary staffing company with SOS staffing. The company had us bagging leaves in cold weather. The work was 8 hours with breaks.                        I can remember after completing our job assignment they asked us if we wanted to work in the 2002 Winter Olympics because I use to have a General Security Clearence in the National Guard so we passed and we had the opportunity to work inside the village doing basically housekeeping work. Since my wife was from Russia we worked with the Russian team she was able to translate and assist them in their needs. The job lasted roughly 2-3 months.                    I also was studying the Certified Cisco Network Design certification and passed the test on Brain bench.