Dear Pastors and Rabbais quit celebrating Druid Holidays


        Today is 11/01/2020. I wanted to talk about those Pastors and Rabbai'swho are gathering around a temple to celebrate a Druid custom named Halloween.

        As some of you know or might not know this is a Druid holiday. If you wish to see the full story please click link below


            I saw on my youtube channel all week long Jewish rabbais making references that Queen Elizabeth the 1 was a descedant of King David well here is your history of your people committing Genocide 1.5 Million Irish died under her Divine Monarchy. "Children sacrificed at the alter".

            I would like to say this maybe some of you are or have direct descendants of King David and maybe some of you have been "Blessed by God or God's chosen race" maybe some of us Irish, Scottish, Native American Indians are 2nd class citizens beneathe you but sin is sin and the Torah states thou shalt have no other Gods before me this includes idol worshiping and making human sacrifices at a idol. This brings us to America which has a Statue of Liberty that is has some symbols that link Babylon with the idols and Gods references are below:



           I do not know if I would be proud of this type of achievement and I am not trying to make any thing or anybody look bad but please before claiming King davids line you may want to research some of these peoples great histoical accomplishments and "Devine Authority".

           I found a link that cnnects ancient  Druid Practices with Babylon link is below


            Pastors and Jewish rabbais who celebrate Halloween are really promoting laying children at the alter practiced by these groups of people Druids and worshiping Malloch. The Statue of Liberty should be a warning to many nations to stay away from the Babylonian City because your Children maybe sacrificed at their alter,

          I must ask Pastors and Jewish rabbais to quit celebrating these types of Pagan Rituals quit worshiping Molloch and Samhain. If you ever watched Newgrange sung by the Celtic Women you see Druids gathering around at the temple to make worship and sacrifices and God commanded not to engage in these types of practices masked or unmasked.



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