Comment about New York City and the National Guard


          I have watched on my youtube feed about the Mayor of New York making negative remarks or making claims about National Guard not really the military.

          I served in the Ohio National Guard as a 12b10 Combat Engineer 1982 -1988. The guard helped me pay for my College Education when I was turned down Federal Financial Aide because my Dad made to much money retired U.S. Navy 20 years 1956 -1976. My Dad began working at a low paying adminstrator job after retirement.

         I would like to provide some education to politicians that have no clue about the National Guard. In my time 70 percent of all Combat Engineers  were on Reserve status because the job required a lot of physical activity example marching 26 miles with a 60 pound backpack, living in Foxholes for about two weeks field duty was in a remote area Grayling Michigan. The tool of the engineer was the pick and shovel. I went to Fort Leonardwood, Mo. nicknamed little Korea. This was a Federal Basic Training camp for roughly 14 weeks Basic and MOS code One station unit training. I was no starnger to Missouri because this is where my family relatives lived mostly 70 miles east of St. Joseph, Mo.

          I think some states do not understand the role of the National Guard serving both Federal and State. When I look back on some of my training it had a lot of similarities with the Rangers we practically did the same things but the exceptions were demolitions, jumping out of planes. The combat enginner in my evaluation should have received special forces considerations because from my experience at least in my time Special Forces members found themselves in National Guard Units this also included Marines. 

          I would like to provide you some further information when I was training for my 1st degree Black Belt my platoon Sergeant gave me a test that I will never forget. I was only allowed 6 hours of sleep in a 72 hour period and than I would complete the PT Test. My sergeants raised the bar on me because of the importance of the Black Belt. I completed the test 80 pushups and situps with a 2 mile run under 13-14 minutes I should have had a better time because in the past I was clocking in at 11-12 minutes per 2 miles. I puked up all over the place with my legs wobbily. These types of test would exceed any Special Forces PT test for the most part.

          I trained with Sergeants who served in Vietnam in special forces and they would work out with me in the field and show me some things I could do better as a kickboxer. I can remember 1 two week training cycle I had 1 person punch me in the gut 10 times while doing situps because when you do combat Martial Arts one requirement is to have a strong gut. These are things never discussed and as I get older it is not such a big deal anymore. I can remember one Vietname soldie Blackbelt in Kenpo had me lay down and he jumped on my stomach standing up the person weighed around 260lbs. These types of test are not discussed because you either can or cannot do it without any glory or fanfare.

         I think some reserve units during the training weekends could open up the armory for members of the unit to train in boxing, Kickboxing, Judo, Wrestling and other combat sports this allows the individual to be the best not only for himself but to his team showing discipline, determination, devotion that does not have a price. This also makes commanders Officers more at ease.  



        Barry L. Crouse




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