Broken Promises in a System-Memoirs of Barry Crouse Part 3


           Today is 11/18/2020. I am going to have to go off the beaten path a little today because my twitter and youtube is hung up with German Pastors and symbols on Social Media for what ever reasons. I do not know why.

           I can only make educated guesses as to why this has been going off and on the past 30 plus years this has dogged me but it is time as they say in Missouri "Grabbing the bull by the Horns".

          I can remember having a Penpal in High School and College six years. She was German and Jewish and we would write each other and lost contact and would write again. She asked me various questions about my race and the best answer if I can remember Irish and Cherokee. If I remember, We talked about my family's military services to the United States. I can remember when we wrote each other she was attending Cedarville Christian College and her letters came from Dayton, Ohio through a military base I believe  Wright Pattterson Air Force Base why this happened I do not know because I was in the military myself as a combat engineer having to worry about my own self. When we talked to each other over the phone, The signal was not very clear broken up which was unusual. I met her Dad and he had a German accent it did not bother me in anyway and mostly ignored. She explained to me that she trasnferred from Malone College to Cedarville I told her I transferred from Cleveland State to Cuyahoga Community College. she explained to me about her degree was in Public Education.  I did not make any judgments about it.

         We went out on a few dates nothing special attended church. I introduced her to my dad told her my Dad put 20 years in the U.S. navy. We lost contact if I remember August 1986 never seen each other again but a few years later I was contacted by Malone College a Private Christian Liberal Arts College I did not understand how this happened but I met the college Representative in Strongsville Ohio and the degree programs that they offered would not work for me because I had a heavy concentration in Computer Sciences and Mathematics so it would have been a bad fit for me. The college wanted me but If I remember I was working on 3rd shift in Brecskville on my own self supervised. The college had a satellite office. My guess is they were looking for male students to sign up. The problem is I did not feel I was very good material to be a Pastor or a Missionary. I must emphasize that because of the heavy training in Martial Arts I lived a very strict life no alchohol, smoking, drugs, womanizing because if I wanted my dream to come to Japan to fight in Full contact matches the sacrifices must be made and I would do what was required out of me. 

         Some churches like to demonize certain people because they are not filled with the "Holy Ghost" or very spiritual in appearence or actions. I was one of them. Yes, I became a born again Christian on October 8, 1978 but I did not come across as a spiritually filled person. I also learned that God works in ways that are a mystery to people example I did not have a plan or asked for it that one day I would be a rival to Einstein or Stephen Hawkins. This was not my plan but God has visited me on different occassions. I also understand the Devil will use people or anything to place a roadblock in God's chosen path in your life because God said I knew you before you were conceived.  On another time, I came to Russia on my own because my wife had something special in her that I knew in fact she pointed to every broken bone in my body in the exact place where it happened ribs, ankles, nose, and knuckles. God chose her for me and as far as God is concerned we are one before God let no man say otherwise.

          The Protestant Churches claim Martin Luther King's of Germany 1500's as where they derived their teachings. My family history includes a Aunt that was married to one of my Uncles. She was sterilized and ordered to be executed by Nazi's She escaped to Hungary from all appearence's she was Catholic from the Czech Republic. I looked up Marie Milda Nasser and it showed in the Czech Republic the Nazis hung Catholics on the gallows sound familiar Ireland 1600's ?. If you are wondering Nasser seems to derive from Egypt specifically Alexandria. You do remember the battle at El Elaheim 25 miles outside of Cairo don't you 51st Austrilia  Division mostly former Irish and Scottish living on the penal colony that fought against Erwin Rommel. I hope this puts a end to all this about social media feeds loading up on German ideas.

Barry Crouse 11/18/2020


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