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Comment about New York City and the National Guard

            I have watched on my youtube feed about the Mayor of New York making negative remarks or making claims about National Guard not really the military.           I served in the Ohio National Guard as a 12b10 Combat Engineer 1982 -1988. The guard helped me pay for my College Education when I was turned down Federal Financial Aide because my Dad made to much money retired U.S. Navy 20 years 1956 -1976. My Dad began working at a low paying adminstrator job after retirement.          I would like to provide some education to politicians that have no clue about the National Guard. In my time 70 percent of all Combat Engineers  were on Reserve status because the job required a lot of physical activity example marching 26 miles with a 60 pound backpack, living in Foxholes for about two weeks field duty was in a remote area Grayling Michigan. The tool of the engineer was the pick and shovel. I went to Fort Leonardwood, Mo. nicknamed little Korea. This was a Federal Basic Training cam

Broken Promises in a System-Memoirs of Barry Crouse part 7

                I am now up to the year 2001. My wife and I have moved from Detroit to Oklahoma. We settled down in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. I took a job at Labor Ready handling a 120 pound Jack Hammer and lifting Concrete bricks onto a truck. My back and Neck was often times sore and had some pain. I continued to work at in the Martial Arts doing my forms and kicking drill routines.                 I had a job offer from the City of Oklahoma City took a physical and passed it. The manual exercise kept me from having a more severe issue with my back and Neck.                  I would work in the Park Division walking about 10-15 miles a day cleaning the city park system in about 90 - 100 degree heat. I drank a lot of water.  I kept my weight down as a result because I was approaching 38 years old. Summer ended and I moved out of Oklahoma City to Salt Lake City. I liked the people of Oklahoma City they were kind and down to earth.                 I can remember worked on my websites Crou

Broken Promises in a System -Memoirs of Barry Crouse Part 6

                 I will now go into the Wilderness years 1999 -2003. I had just moved from Cleveland, Ohio to Portland, Oregon. I began looking for work and moved into a 1 bedroom apartment with my wife and dog Siberian Husky named Nick. I started looking for Computer Jobs despite my years of experience I was unable to get a job and had to look for manual labor so I worked at Labor Ready off and on. I also found a temp job at a Check and Cash store but that did not last long. I can remember my work at Labor Ready doing Construction work using a Jack Hammer and lifting concrete blocks also helping move Piannos up a flight of stairs with 5 other people. I would often come home caked in mud and skin burning because of skin irritation.             I continued to look for work and collected unemployment, worked part time, and any other means at the time I had relatives in Portland, Oregon that tried to help me out every way they can. I would often have trouble paying the Rent because the mo

Broken Promises in a System-Memoirs of Barry Crouse Part 5

            I will now continue. I am now in Part 5 1995-1996. I began training for my 2nd degree Black belt and the training was very intensive having to step up my game. I started to go with more cardio vascular exercises Stair steps and Bicycling at higher levels to allow me to go more rounds.. I have gone over this before the amount of training so I will not go over this again.          My Master wanted me to read a book about Tae-Yun-Kim "Facing the Double Edge Sword". I began to read about great Asian leaders one of them was Ghengis Khan. I wanted to know more so I had a new Pen Pal who would be my future wife. My wife spent time in the five Golden Horde Cities one of these cities was Nizny Novgorad and where one of my future rivals lived Andrei Sakarov. My wife spent several years in Mongolia and some time in Chi'ta Eastern Siberia along the Russian-Chinese border. We agreed to meet in Russia so I flew to Russia 08/1997. I met her in Moscow, Russia and we fell in l

Broken Promises in a System-Memoirs of Barry Crouse Part 4

                                             Broken Promises in a System-Memoirs of Barry Crouse Part 4               I am now up to 1990. I can remember I left the 3rd Shift Computer Operator Job and began to work at Gtech Cleveland Ohio Febuary 1990 1st shift 😁.  3rd shift took it's toll on me three years of this. I worked 1st shift for about 9 months so the boss gave me  some much needed rest. I stopped doing martial arts for about two - three years the body needed some rest because of injuries and nose bleeds. I only worked out in a health spa about 3 times a week. Basically settling into a new job. Gtech used NASA based systems set in Triplex Mode Concurrent APU real time set in Triplex mode coupled with Relational databases Reliance software at first later Status generic Unix. I had the opporunity to work with different Hardware Devices Printers, Network Lans. I can remember using Windows 3.11 and 95. I worked on different servers Sybase Sun Base system, Novell. I learned a

Broken Promises in a System-Memoirs of Barry Crouse Part 3

               Today is 11/18/2020. I am going to have to go off the beaten path a little today because my twitter and youtube is hung up with German Pastors and symbols on Social Media for what ever reasons. I do not know why.            I can only make educated guesses as to why this has been going off and on the past 30 plus years this has dogged me but it is time as they say in Missouri "Grabbing the bull by the Horns".           I can remember having a Penpal in High School and College six years. She was German and Jewish and we would write each other and lost contact and would write again. She asked me various questions about my race and the best answer if I can remember Irish and Cherokee. If I remember, We talked about my family's military services to the United States. I can remember when we wrote each other she was attending Cedarville Christian College and her letters came from Dayton, Ohio through a military base I believe  Wright Pattterson Air Force Base why

Thoughts on Gov. Inslee on restrictions and Covid 19

                                          Thoughts on Washington Gov. Inslee on restrictions and Covid 19               I have been basically contacted about Washington State and Gov. Inslee's Restricttions regarding Private Business.              I would like to begin by stating I do not agree with the Gov. Position in regards to Church Gatherings and 25% Occupancy rate in Grocery Stores.               I will begin by letting the Federal and State Government know that because my wife is from Russia a treaty was signed by the Federal Government regarding the Helsinki Accord later updated to the Montreal Quebec Pact of 1991 when the Soviet Union broke up. The accord make specific promises regarding Civil and Human rights this is included that cannot be ignored or disregarded.            When I cam to Russia 1st trip in 9/1997. My wife experienced food and toilet paper shortgaes as described by her. This same scenario is now playing out in present day Washington State. When I brought

Broken Promises in a System - Memoirs of Barry Crouse Part 2

                Broken Promises in a System-Memoirs of Barry Crouse Part 2             I would now like to talk about Life after College. I graduated from Cuyahoga Community College rouughly with a GPA of 3.0. December 1986. I began to look for a full time job while I had a few years of Military Service February 1988. During this time I had reached Brown Belt in Korean Martial Arts.             I can remember summer 1987 I went to my two really three weeks summer training  field duty hint no barracks Grayling, Michigan not to far off from Canada to give you some idea about the type of climate living out in the field no creature comforts living in a foxhole or a shelter half no shower or toilets this is expected out of a Combat Engineer. I can remember that because I was always maxing out on my PT Test 80 pushups 2 1/2 minutes rest 2 1/2 minutes 80 situps 2 1/2 minutes and a 2 mile run I was scoring 300/300 so my Sergeants knew I was getting ready for the Black Belt Test so I was given

Broken Promises by a System-Memoirs of Barry Crouse Part 1

                                      Broken Promises by a System-Memoirs of Barry Crouse Part 1               I have decided to write something about my past history regarding a broken system and empty promises.                The year is 1981. I had graudated from High School and faced new challenges that I was not ready or expected to meet. I applied for financial aide for college and was turned down. They stated My family made to much money despite my father retired from the Navy and worked as a adminstrator for a food company low paying job. My family had 5 of us kids and two parents so this did not make sense at all. I should have gotten this but did not.            I can remember that I applied for a part time job at UPS working roughly two in the morning to 6:30 in the morning for 10.00 /hour unloading trucks. I can remember sometimes the truck was cold inside 10 degrees and packages exceeded 50 lbs just to give you a idea. The acceptable level was 200 packages per hour in a UP

Thoughts on Cobra Kai and Johnny lawrence

                Today is 11/11/2020. I have been watching on my youtube feed Cobra Kai (Karate Kid Series.) I had the opportunity to see part of the upcoming season 2021 sneak peak. I think that Johnny Lawrence is moving in the right way and his character needs more development. I believe his character is trying to find the right path to becoming a "True Martial Arts Master".  Season two has Johnny getting kicked out of Cobra Kai by his Master John Kreese.                 Since Hollywood mentioned Sun-Yun-Kim, I would like to suggest that Johnny comes to Cleveland, Ohio and learns the true path of Korean Martial Arts and it's ideas. I think this should be written in the script so that people can better understand Korean Arts and Philisophy. Johnny comes to Cleveland, Ohio after watching this poor soul tormented by Daniel Larussa and John Kreese and the Korean Masters have had enough of their propaganda and tormenting.               Johnny finds a Korean Master and begins

Thoughts on being a Social Media Influencer

                    Today is 11/03/2020. I reached 10,000 twitter followers last week. I want to say thank you to everyone and everybody for making this happen.                         I have been receiving on my youtube channel feed about the pit falls of being a Social Media Influencer mainly about the glamor and glory of it and being unhappy basically the thesis statement is people who achieve this usually put on a smile and really are not happy.                         My response to this is The reason I made this a goal to achieve this is because having spent over 20 years writing copyrights and reaching over 100,000 views on youtube it was time to make a goal that would be different than what I am use to. I also wanted to let people know just because I reached 10,000 followers on twitter I will make a goal of 100,000 because of being a kickboxer I do not spend to much time on victory's but rather on what is next on the list. I learned this back in Ohio when I watched two of m

Dear Pastors and Rabbais quit celebrating Druid Holidays

           Today is 11/01/2020. I wanted to talk about those Pastors and Rabbai'swho are gathering around a temple to celebrate a Druid custom named Halloween.          As some of you know or might not know this is a Druid holiday. If you wish to see the full story please click link below                    I saw on my youtube channel all week long Jewish rabbais making references that Queen Elizabeth the 1 was a descedant of King David well here is your history of your people committing Genocide 1.5 Million Irish died under her Divine Monarchy. "Children sacrificed at the alter".             I would like to say this maybe some of you are or have direct descendants of King David and maybe some of you have been "Blessed by God or God's chosen race" maybe some of u