Why Freedom of Speech matters


                On this date 10/20/2020 test have confirmed the Barry Equality Field Equation is correct. Energy is Dynamic and Assymterical. The link for the results are below


                I would like to begin by stating Einstein is and will always be a genius, brilliant. I will not take this away from him. Had he worked in our century he might have come up with another theory. God has given me a victory and I should be humble about it.

            I would like to however talk about the American Public Education System, Google, Facebook, Washington State, Tacoma News Tribune, Seattle Times, Fox News, etc.. When you supress free speech like the Equation I wrote or lab results you make yourself out to be a fool because sooner or later your lies will catch up to you and it has finally come to pass.

            Discrimination by these organizations that claim to be a protector of free speech apparently does not exist in their own systems. I can only speculate that a class system is set up in these organizations that deem those who are "blessed" and those that are "cursed" hint from history books Irish, Egyptian, Russian, Native American Indians. I have defeated you like it or not that is the reality you should be gracious in defeat and accept your wrong doing. I overcame you by God's hand not mine. I may never win the Nobel Peace Price material blessing but at the same time I have defeated your Nobel Peace Prize winner and that in itself is a humiliation that your social class system is broken and beyond repair (blessing). I would urge the System to correct these organizations that insist on creating a system of haves and have nots.

            The Barry equality Field Equatiuon took over 10 years to develop and over the years it is been proven correct time and time over again through lab test and mathematics. 

            I would urge Facebook, Google to stop supressing science equations that have merit along with lab test and results that line up with the Math equation. By supressing Free Speech, You have been left behind in a twinkling of a eye trillionth of a second arrogance will always lead to your downfall.

            I would also like to point out the article that reported the lab results  247 trillionth of a second. The bible in Revelations talks about the blinking of a eye which is near equal to  trillionth sof a second. Ignoring Religious articles when it told you long ago only makes you look like a fool in front of others.


Barry L. Crouse 




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