Time to Address Facebook-Barry


            Today is 10/13/2020. I have to address a problem in my dealings with Facebook. As some of you know or might not know, I have been at odds with facebook for several years. I do not use facebook or Instagram have no account from the looks of it I have been banned by them for my stance on various issues Relegiois Freedom, Intelligent Design-God, Excessive vaccines MMR that cause Autism, Climate Change. These stances run counter to Facebooks genre.

             I do not agree with facebook on a lot of issues and they have responded in a polite way of banning. I have responded by banning them off my Network, Intellectual Property Copyrights, Trademarks and anything else.

            Last year, I watched in amusement Political theater by the CEO of Facebook Zuckenberg telling what his audience wanted to hear and not addressing the factual evidence. The CEO of facebook had a answer for everything meaning he was not telling the truth about many things. As a result of actions by these types of company's, I have to take reciprocal action by monitoring all facebook activity's and blocking their spy programs. Yes, facebook has the blessing of Federal agency's but the issue here is my Intellectual Property based in Canada no jurisdiction and I hope the International authority's will monitor facebook with the intent of the full weight of the law.

        I hope the State and Federal officials will understand that Facebook has no legal rights, claims of any sort to engage in Cyber espionage and or other questionable activity's. Please understand I have no issue sharing my technical works to the United States Government but I have a serious issue with it's Private Contractor that needs to be addressed in a Equal Opportunity manner. Facebook got their chance as a Private entity. I should also be given a Equal opportunity having my complaints heard as well. I would ask the State and Federal Officials to insure safe distancing protocols against Facebook to stay away from my websites and other Intellectual Related Property items as well as my wife. I would ask a restraining order be given against facebook. Are you listening Iheartradio in Tacoma ?


Barry L. Crouse



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