Thoughts on the Karate Kid Series


          Today is 10/26/2020. I was on my youtube channel Barrys Scientific Based Products and saw Netflix presentation of the Karate Kid and their story lines all week long.

          Hollywood likes to use Cryptic messages in many different forms for instance My first Master who I studied under was GrandMaster Sang-Oh-Moon from South Korea. I notice the Karate Kid had a character named "Moon". On a different occassion, They had John Kreeses Master Sun-yun-Kim reference. My Mater who tested me for my 1st degree Black Belt in the 80's was named Master Ray Szuch who studied under a Son-yun-Kim or something similar. I also was instucted in the Martial Arts Korean under some Vietnam Veterns. 

            Hollywood likes to paint pictures of people and make them out to be the bad person but in reality they tried to do the right thing only to have them face a wolf in Sheeps clothing example Daniel Larusso doing so many rotten things to Johnny and justifying his behavior and after 30 years still tormenting the poor soul Johnny. The people Johnny needed the most were those who understood Army Values loyalty, courage, and honor sound familiar ?

          There appears to be some reference to blond haired kids and Martial Arts that hollywood likes to portray as rotten people. In my case, I am blond haired and studied Martial Arts and despite Hollywood painting a picture of similarity's this does not pass mustard. Bye the way I did not smoke or drink if you are trying to pain t a picture.

            The real Bully was Daniel Larusso and his manipulative behavior if you goto youtube and here is some videos to prove it 




                The gist of all this is there are two sides to the story and from the looks of it Hollywood did not understand that in the final match between Johnny and Daniel the crane kick was illegal. In a second instance Daniel only had to fight in one match while Mike Barnes had to fight everybody and have a referee that was going to throw the fight anyways. Bye the way, Johnny had to fight everybody to make it to the finals that is saying one set of rules for one and another set of rules for others sound familiar ? Hollywood did not disclose that the writer in the story was a person who played the referee this is not fair play and unjust. 

                I really feel sorry for Johnny a kid who was destoyed 30 years ago trying to do the right thing when he made mistakes and paid for them time after time sound familiar ?  Daniel Larusso is truly a evil rotten manipulative character in the Karate Kid Series on Netflix.



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