Google, Phyics, and Einstein you are wrong -Barry Crouse



                              Google, Phyics, and Einstein you are wrong -Barry Crouse

            A few years ago November 2018, I was able to balance the Barry Equality Field Equation at around 262,000 plus meaning the particles came from the 2nd dimension not from nowhere as Einstein and Hawkins, and other updated versions from Oxford have suggested or received Nobel Peace Prizes.

            Einstein is incorrect on the Theory of Relativity and Hawkins incorrect on one event Horizons and Black Holes. I am sorry but brilliant people make mistakes and yes, The Nobel Peace Prize will have to eat humble pie for being incorrect as well. I have introduced a New equation that basically unify's Quantum Mechanics and a Updated Theory of Relativity that is limited by binding the gravity variable placing restrictions and limitations on systems that are binded to Gravity. The updated Equation is named the Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation. This Equation is quiet involved using Spatial Expansion through Quantum Entanglement and the use of Dimensional spacing because the 2nd law of Thermo Dynamics states Energy has to come from somewhere and it comes from the 2nd Dimension. I have always supported this idea and showed Mathematically that it is possible to have 2nd dimensional particles.

            I am disappointed at Google and some church officials for making attempts to suppress my work and not give it the proper recognition it deserves equally the Nobel Peace Prize seems to have work that is pointing to some of my theory's and concepts that certain individuals decided to use for their own work to create their own theory's and win prizes. 

            I support Intelligent Design-God my rewards are not here on Earth but in Heaven. Before Stephen Hawkins died, I was told a message the day before his death "It is a shame you will never win the Nobel Peace Prize." I have moved on and do not let this bother me anymore perhaps because I have gotten older.  Google, Einstein, Hawkins, Nobel Peace Prize will have to understand there is a very distinct difference between The Equations I write vs. the winners of these prizes.  

            I have shown why your best scientist  are incorrect through Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Physics. I am sorry that some of the secular scientist have in their mind a closed system because the New Equation was willing to explore your theorys and even at your own game using the Gravirty variable and you are still wrong CheckMate ! Game Over.

Barry L. Crouse



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