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Thoughts on the Karate Kid Series

            Today is 10/26/2020. I was on my youtube channel Barrys Scientific Based Products and saw Netflix presentation of the Karate Kid and their story lines all week long.            Hollywood likes to use Cryptic messages in many different forms for instance My first Master who I studied under was GrandMaster Sang-Oh-Moon from South Korea. I notice the Karate Kid had a character named "Moon". On a different occassion, They had John Kreeses Master Sun-yun-Kim reference. My Mater who tested me for my 1st degree Black Belt in the 80's was named Master Ray Szuch who studied under a Son-yun-Kim or something similar. I also was instucted in the Martial Arts Korean under some Vietnam Veterns.              Hollywood likes to paint pictures of people and make them out to be the bad person but in reality they tried to do the right thing only to have them face a wolf in Sheeps clothing example Daniel Larusso doing so many rotten things to Johnny and justifying his behavior an

Why Freedom of Speech matters

                     On this date 10/20/2020 test have confirmed the Barry Equality Field Equation is correct. Energy is Dynamic and Assymterical. The link for the results are below                               I would like to begin by stating Einstein is and will always be a genius, brilliant. I will not take this away from him. Had he worked in our century he might have come up with another theory. God has given me a victory and I should be humble about it.               I would like to however talk about the American Public Education System, Google, Facebook, Washington State, Tacoma News Tribune, Seattle Times, Fox News, etc.. When you supress free speech like the Equation I wrote or lab results you make yourself out to be a fool because sooner or later your lies will catch up to you and it has finally come to pass.               Discrimination by these organizations that claim to be a prot

Time to Address Facebook-Barry

                Today is 10/13/2020. I have to address a problem in my dealings with Facebook. As some of you know or might not know, I have been at odds with facebook for several years. I do not use facebook or Instagram have no account from the looks of it I have been banned by them for my stance on various issues Relegiois Freedom, Intelligent Design-God, Excessive vaccines MMR that cause Autism, Climate Change. These stances run counter to Facebooks genre.                 I do not agree with facebook on a lot of issues and they have responded in a polite way of banning. I have responded by banning them off my Network, Intellectual Property Copyrights, Trademarks and anything else.             Last year, I watched in amusement Political theater by the CEO of Facebook Zuckenberg telling what his audience wanted to hear and not addressing the factual evidence. The CEO of facebook had a answer for everything meaning he was not telling the truth about many things. As a result of actions

Google, Phyics, and Einstein you are wrong -Barry Crouse

                                                                                    Google, Phyics, and Einstein you are wrong -Barry Crouse               A few years ago November 2018, I was able to balance the Barry Equality Field Equation at around 262,000 plus meaning the particles came from the 2nd dimension not from nowhere as Einstein and Hawkins, and other updated versions from Oxford have suggested or received Nobel Peace Prizes.             Einstein is incorrect on the Theory of Relativity and Hawkins incorrect on one event Horizons and Black Holes. I am sorry but brilliant people make mistakes and yes, The Nobel Peace Prize will have to eat humble pie for being incorrect as well. I have introduced a New equation that basically unify's Quantum Mechanics and a Updated Theory of Relativity that is limited by binding the gravity variable placing restrictions and limitations on systems that are binded to Gravity. The updated Equation is named the Barry Infinity Equality Field