Thoughts on Social Media Influencer or Industrial Patents


                                    Thoughts on Social Media Influencer or Industrial Patents

                Today is 09/28/2020. I would like to talk about career path choices. As some of you may or may not know, I have spent many years in the Computer Field and Copyrighting business using this as a springboard to present new idea's, concepts, and innovation. I have been working on the Social Media Platforms over the past several years off and on. While Social Media is a great tool for marketing and advertisemnet, I have not gained to much off of it. There are many reasons I will attempt to list a few below:

               1). Science and Technology Class 42 has very little Interest in audiences.

               2). Audiences are more likely to view Entertainment Theater, Art, and Drama vs Science and Technology.

              3). Corporate and Government control of the Internet blocking ideas and concepts that run counter to their own ideas Freedom of Though and Speech.


             4). "Group thinking" is okay being a individual is not Collective vs Individual

            I began on the Internet in the mid 90's and have seen it grow exponentially. I have also seen many changes on the Internet and have seen extreme behavior left and right with no balance or moderation creating fear, anger, and other emotions blame is on Big Tech company's. I am disappointed with the Social Media Platforms and their wish to control every aspect of the Internet. I am also disappointed at my numbers for example my wife and I talked about this and we felt I should have been between 50,000-100,000 followers on twitter alone but this is being controlled as well which is a shame that some organizations are bent on controlling everything including science with no way to express yourself without being censored or monitored. I am faced with a choice either try to become a social media Influencer or Write and submit Industrial Patents and file in Canada and strip the big tech company's of any right regarding Intellectual Property. This is a tough choice because I have always believed in openess and sharing ideas that are science related unfournately this is being censored or monitored and as they say in Aikido energy can be used against you as well. I think the Helsinki Accord needs to be revisited and what is expected out of some Nations who house Big Tech Company's.

            Some media company's, example the Guardian, Iheartradio, Seattle Times like to blame people for the issues that are created when for example it was created by the Government or Corporation they give unconditional support and than they cannot understand these organizations have no solutions to the problems they created. In simple terms it is called shifting the blame on people without taking responsibility for the actions they created themselves.


Barry L. Crouse



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