Thoughts on Ph.d 's


                        Today's Jornalistic Piece  is my thoughts on obtaining a Ph.d. 

                    I received my Ph.d back in 2008 in Computer Information Systems Life experience based on Work, Education, Certificates, Certifications, and Diplomas along with Copyrights and Trademarks.

                         My belief is that a Ph.d should not be received in a college solely based on Education because the student has not obtained the work related experience or other achievements that should be required. A Ph.d means to myself Lifelong work. The culmination of years of work and learning. I believe that if a person obtains a Ph.d without any real world experience cannot contribute to anything but a classroom and brings no value this is what we call a "Educated Idiot" back in the 90's this term was used.

                        In my case, I continued to learn beyond my Ph.d by homeschooling my son and working on science projects along with him since my main strengths were Computer Sciences and Mathematics. My son's science projects forced me to look into different types of metals that are used for Computer Hardware CPU's memory sticks, Hard disk etc.. This translated into obtaining a Mechanical Engineer Degree life experience because I had already obtained a diploma in Computer Aided Design engineer  based science along the way I studied and read Material Science, Circuit Boards logic gateways that I already used in programming. The science based projects I helped my son with were also Mechanical and Kinetic based energy so this also helped me understand working with The BIOS on the motherboard System Level knowledge.

                        I understand this is not the best way but it worked for me some people have to be in a class room and that is okay so long as they have some work experience this includes Professors at colleges who have no real world work experience they just cannot connect with the student.

                        If I was a Professor teaching a student, I would want to relate my work experience to the student because this invites innovation by challenging the student to do things different not the same approach the professor used this is nothing but a robot who has no ability to think on your own two feet.

                     If some  Educator's feel offended, I am sorry but paying you a a high salary for something that you really are not qualified is insane it waste tax payers money.


Barry L. Crouse


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