Okay Youtube and Brad Pitt sharing some of your stories


           Today is 09/29/2020. My youtube feed has been flooded with Brad Pitt's Life in general for whatever reasons I do not know unusual though.

            I seen some of Brad Pitts youtube Life events so I guess when I said I do not know the actor to well I am being introduced in a round about way little humor. I guess I am obligated to share some life events as well.

           I saw his interview regarding Troy and Greek literature. I can remember when I was growing up in South Carolina back in the early 70's I use to read many books about Greek Mythology and could not get enough. The school I attended was Alice Birney Elementary, North Charleston, South Carolina 1970-1975 basically my dad was in the Navy during the war years. In 6th grade, I had the opportunity to run the 50 yard dash in the Junior Olympics, Played 1st string Wide Receiver in football went to Cleveland Ohio summer 1975 my dad was transferred to finish off his 20 years of service.

         As far as girl friends, I was not a lady's man kind of rough around the edges. The most girl friends I had in High School and college was 3-4.  I spent my free time training in the martial arts and lifting weights the training brought out the best out of me sometimes the master would make the dojo cold and I would hit heavy bags in 40-50 degree rooms this toughens you up. I would sometimes go outside and run in the cold in Cleveland during the winter because this toughens the mind, body, and spirit. I also did some power lifting and managed to bence press at 165 lbs roughly 360 lbs two times my own weight took a long time to get there but made it also leg pressed around 1/2 ton so this helped me generate power in my kicks and punches coupled with endurance and stretch training. Some of the people that influnced my mind set regarding this was Marvin Hagler since I used the left quiet extensively and overall his approach made sense to me.

        I became married at 35 years old 1st time when I started to notice my speed was going down hill. My wife spent several years in Mongolia and had a background in Asia ideas which was a match made in heaven through God because before I lived in South Carolina I was in Hawaii during the late 60's My dad was staioned there 1967-1970. I was exposed to the martial Arts at a very young age because I had Asthma do to the sugar canes being burnt so my mother taught me some yoga. At the time, Hawaii had a lot of Japaneese Influnences so I was exposed to this as well. I have been married to the same woman for 22 years she is from the former Soviet Union she became a American Citizen some several years ago. I wanted to share some of my own background since Youtube and Hollywood shared some with me.

Thanks !

Barry L. Crouse



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