How to Deal with Hollywood Actors ?


       Today is 09/14/2020. I am afraid I have to revisit the theme regarding Hollywood actors mainly because I have been getting some strange things on my Social Media Platforms.

      The past week I received on my youtube channel a Movie with Brad Pitt playing Achilles in Troy. The film clips have been mostly about the fighting sword play and discussions about view points of life.

        I do not know if Hollywood knows enough about me but I will have to explain and make them understand. I have spent many years in the Martial Arts 40 plus years. I practice in private but I have the camera always watching me. I take my martial arts very seriously because it governs my view points in life. I will provide a example I complete 125 kick punch combos and take a rest than I place a Irish Flag on the post and bow to all four directions than I present myself to the Irish Flag and bow in submission this honors my family heritage since they have been in America for over 400 years they have fought in many military battles so I show my respect this way. I than complete my kickboxing rounds 2 1/2 minutes with a 30 second rest. I use a leading left kick and Jab but I am capable of switching stances in other words I am a unorthodox lefty because my throwing arm is the right but I kick left making me a difficult opponent to deal with left outstep crescent, left Side Kick, left Front Snap Kick, left spinning hook kick, spinning crescent kick, left back side kick, left low round house, Right instep crescent kick, right front snap kick you get the idea ?

        I watched Achilles sword play in the movie Troy and I guess you are trying to get a response when a opponent fly's up in the air they leave themselves vulnerable to attack the correct reponse to a flying move is to step off at a angle and when they plant their feet you will  not have time to take a defensive position and leave yourself vulnerable open. A boxer or kickboxer who has spent some time at this would know what to do: step off on the side. I have modified my Jodo sticks as escrimas and use 1-3 step sparring in Korean Martial Arts this goes hand in hand with Bruce Lee about not being limited to one style or idea because I took Jodo sticks and used sparring techniques used in Tae-Kwondo and Hapkido and made it work for me.

        I completed another search on myself and found a lady Gaga and Michael Polansky somehow connected to a facebook account linked under my name. The problem with this is I do not have a facebook account or instagram.  If hollywood or it's people are trying to connect with me, You will have to be more direct not give me publisist, agents, or accounts that are not connected to these actors in other words you have to learn to be real because you are dealing with a real person with real experience very easy logic. 

    To be honest, I do not follow Brad Pitt or Lady gaga I understand Brad Pitt has connections in the state where my relatives once lived Missouri and also this is where my Army boot camp took place at 19 years old.  

    Because I am dealing with Hollywood, I have to make sure they also understand I spent almost 40 years in the Computer Field mainly science aspect and played chess at level 10.  This demonstrates that a fighter is more than just a Ape as you have portrayed but it is a thinking mans sport and when it is used properly this translates to different aspects of life Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents = Creativity, Innovation, Entreprenuership.

Barry L. Crouse Ph.d Computer Information Systems



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