Espionage Complaint

        Today is 09/02/2020. I would like to talk about some unusual activities that are being perpertrated within the U.S. and brings grave concerns about peoples privacy and security.

        I will begin by making a observation. I noticed two weeks ago that there was a smfollower server certificate that came from Scotsdale, Arizonia and after closer inspection it was chained to digicert based in San Francisco this was very deceitful and deceptive.

        On another observation, I found on my twitter account people that said I followed but did not this persons profile was a Senator Candidate and the U.S. State Department. This raises serious concerns about Private Networks and security that Public agencys and Private companies who spy for them because since I design Computer Hardware and Software along with writing Equations the issue of Espionage comes into play here. I am particularly alarmed at Facebook and their certificate digicert with twitter to some degree sharing this certificate. If I look a little deeper I found on my chrome browser port 443 this had some web sites added and some blocked which means secured websites are really not secured and forms a inverse relationship. Research has indicated that port 443 has some issues regarding Trojans.

       I have developed a solution that may help alleviate some of these questionable activities and crimes committed by the Private companys.

        I have created self signed certificates that have exceeded standard X 509 or PEM based certificates and they are:

        PKCS 12 15360 bits assymetrical keys 1 main 4096 two sub keys 8192 and another sub key 3072.

        CA 8192 Bits next to Digicert, Entrust, and others

        These certificates are Linear based RSA. I have also deployed a  ed25519 key elliptical for certain applications this combines Linear and Circular Motion used at a moments notice.

        After completing exporting and importing certificates, Please create a Master Password for Software Security Device and where applicable enable FIPS.  I have also deployed OpenVPN using secured servers to form a encrypted tunnel this is found on the Chrome web store or Mozilla Firefox extensions. Twitter had some serious issues dealing with this which raises some concerns about how secured is your twitter account. I have had to change my password three times this week regarding twitter. Linkedin and Reddit seems to be able to handle the OpenVPN software and connections. I have also deployed on discretion the 802.1x Security for further enhancement regarding connection security. I worked on the Router and made some changes using DDNS and enabling VPN service. This may not be the best solution but I believe that it will create some social distance between Facebook, North Korea, and Seattle along with unwanted corporate espionage.


Barry L. Crouse





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