Dealing with Racoons and Vermin on Linux Servers


                                Dealing with Racoons and Vermin on Linux Servers

            Today is 09/13/2020, I would like totalk about the recent cyber attacks targeting Linux based Servers namely Raccon and other vermin names and what steps I took to repair my own server.

            I recently read on my google news about a Raccon virus that attacks Linux based servers mainly sessions and encryption. I ran across this issue last week as my own Linux server suddenly had these types of issues.

            The first step is to realize at what layers on the 7 stack OSI layers did this happen. We know encryption occurs on the 7th layer application layer and the session layer occurs at the 5th layer these are the upper layers basically the 5th through the 7th layer was being exploited which is software based but not hardware related.

           I will begin by outlining the steps I took to fix my Linux Server and they are the following:

        1). Secure the BIOS with admin and System Based passwords.

        2). Replace the Video card.

        3). Swap the memory sticks on different banks.

        Since Encryption occurs at the 7th layer OSI, and memory sticks use addresses to locate the addresses it would make sense to swap the memory sticks on different banks so that the encryption application would be forced to relocate the address for the application thus it forces a reset.

        The Viedo Card was also swapped since it is used to create new secure sessions which here can be exploited by using a old session to replace a new session thus the Video Card would not init a new session tricking the server also when configuring the BIOS make sure it is not set on the onboard Viedeo but the Video card on the slots on the Motherboard.

        I also popped the CMOS battery out and put it back in since the Micro Operating system would also be forced to reset at the default values for added measures.

        I had four hard drives on my server so I disabled two of them by taking the power supply and sata straps off the hard drives.

        This does not solve every issue but it will force others to start paying attention to their own cyber security and not being so lazy and casual about it.


Barry L. Crouse


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