Barrys Scientific Based Products 09/2020 Newsletter


                                          Barrys Scientific Based Products 09/2020 Newsletter

                     I have had a lot to do the past month technology wise and would like to provide some updates.

                      Barrys Scientific Based Products website located at now has secure capabilitys under the Alpha SSL Global sign CA. The CA works with Mozilla but does not work with Chrome. I have also added sitelock to this website as well.

                       I have had to place blocks on Facebook and Reddit and made additional Infrastructure security measures do to my family and our security concerns regarding these Networks. We will probably take additional security measures to prevent these Networks allowing any access. I have added Dual Network Cards on PC's and implmenting 802.1 security coupled with a Router and a Network Switch where wired PC's are located behind. I have enjoyed the usage of tunneling services using TLS/SSL when connecting online.

                        My wife and I have a new website named barry and Irina Partnership located at this is basically a online retail store selling digital products we will be upgrading this site as we go along.

                         I have recently purchased a SSL Certificate added to Crouse Webhosting located at



Barry L. Crouse



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