Twitter and Cyber Security


                                                        Twitter and Cyber Security

                           Today is 08/22/2020. I would like to talk about twitter and VPN. I have tested twitter and found that it does not like VPN Virtual Private Network when you use different servers from different EU based countries examples Greece, Poland, France, and United Kingdom. VPN's allow a encrypted tunnel to prevent unwanted spying. I used this on Chromium and Firefox and twitter would ask to verify passwords and demand the password  changed, also sometimes they would send you a code to your email and you would copy and past it into the form. I would challenge Twitters verification with my own verification replying to twitter with my public key and I received robotic responses which makes Twitter suspect in security. If twitter follows the TCP/IP or 7 stack layer OSI communication than they would know that this is a two way agreement of protocol types, challenge, and handshake. They did not agree to be challegend using my European based VPN email but instead sent a robotic email that could not be validated or challenged.  I also looked at twitters Certificate of Authority and found that it used digicert high assuarance RSA 2048 the same facebook uses so this type of sharing a CA would tend to lean toward Packet corruption because the IP Packets can be redirected to another server such as Facebook without your knowledge which is unacceptable.

                        The type of software I used was OpenVPN. When I did not use OpenVPN twitter would take forever to sign in trying to :connect" which makes this very suspect as well. If twitter does not like this type of security, I recommend two things:

                        1). A certificate of  authority that does not use or share with Digicert

                        2). Twitter is assigned a Port and inside the users router instead of using UDP you can set this is TCP guranteed authentication note UDP runs faster but the connection cannot be guranteed.

                        On 08/21/2020, I have disabled my twitter account and placed a block on my router against the keyword twitter and the website twitter which means I have temporarily suspended twitter as well. This is called the "Golden Rule".


Barry L. Crouse                        



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