My next Project Quantum Cryptography


                                                     My next Project Quantum Cryptography

             Today is 08/11/2020. I have begun working on my final project. I have examined the many aspects of Quantum Mechanics in relations to the Computer Field. I feel that the best approach to the project is to use Post Cryptography with entanglement. I am attempting to blend the old with the new synergy. As far as Quantum Mechanics, I do not feel it will have much biblical or Intelligent Design Value because the issue is with this is found in the book of Genesis  1: 1-2 King James a key passage is "the earth was void and darkness was upon the face of the deep."  And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. When you say the the earth was void and Gods spirit moved upon it this would indicate that God was above Earth's time and space despite being void and empty. The Barry Equality Field Equation reflected this. Photons are a particles of light and can be measureable. In Genesis 1:3 God created light so God is above light. 

        When Church officials attempt to place quantum theory and explain God's Intelligent Design these  verses will hang them up. I do not expect to bring Intelligent Design on this but I have also found that the secular past physist have made some serious blunders placing constants in time space equations. My project will present some new ideas and concepts that might play a role in developing the next phase of Computer Sciences and Mathematics that are workable solutions in the present day world.

       I would hope that those who blow their own horn regarding Quantum Cryptography bragging in Google news might understand that we have only begun to scatch the surface. I believe that Qunatum theory can be used and deployed in a practical manner.


Barry L. Crouse





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