Cyber Squatting on Barry Equality Field Equation


                                    Cyber Squatting on Barry Equality Field Equation

        Today is 08/23/2020. I would like to discuss cyber squatting on my youtube channel and website relating to the Barry  Equality Field Equation.

        I have observed the past few years that when I pull the youtube channel for the Barry Equality Field Equation under the link and than choosing a video I produced off on the side is Einstein's Theory of Relativity, along with M.I.T. In another instance when I complete a google search I find Harvard trying it's best also to promote their work on my website or youtube channel. This is called cyber squatting and attempting to coerce people to leave the youtube channel and search results that also do the same thing.

       The Barry Equality Field equation is based on Intelligent Design-God and it uses Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Physics to provide evidence that the Equation is based on factual evidence such as going past the speed of light subatomic particles, Multiple paths taken by subatomic particles, Color spectrum that has different levels of heat and energy.

        The Einstein People insist on coming out on my sites and do it's best to suppress free speech and scientific inquiry. I would like to add that some Universities have decided to engage in these types of practices. The problem with Einstein's theory is it supports the Big Bang Theory and it pretty much tries to shoot down Sir Issac Newton's 2nd law of thermo dynamics simple terms Energy comes from somewhere not from nowhere. The Barry equality Field Equation was balanced on November 2018 simple terms A=A thus it becomes a valid Equation and is used for sub atomic particles that exceed the speed of light, multiple tunnel paths, dimensional particles that come from 2nd to 1st decay process.

        I need to inform the Educational Institutions that the Barry Equality Field Equation is a sevice mark of Florida and the copyrights Published work is in Canada so basically you have no rights unless I give them to you. I think Einsteins work is published all over the world but yet my work is pretty much supressed or not made available to the world despite recently issuing a creative commons license on the website

Barry L. Crouse



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