Chrome Browser accpted my 15300 RSA PKCS12 bit and 8192 CA-07/31/2020

                               Chrome Browser Accepted my 15300 PKCS12 Certificate and 8192 Bit CA

        On 07/31/2020, I have installed my local Certificates on the Chrome Browser and it was accepted. I created the certificates  around June 2020. I installed them on my Firefox browser and now on my Chrome Browser these certificates were not accepted on the TOR Browser. The 15300 bit PKCS12 ceritificate is RSA Linear based also noteworthy is the installation of the 8192 bit Certificate of Authority. 

        This keeps RSA relevant because the new Public Key that makes RSA obsolete is the ed25519 ellipitec curvature Public Key algorithim. I have implemented this type of key on some of my email. If you wish to view the specifications on this key click on the link below

        I feel that the next generation of Cryptography is based on a combination of Linear and Circular based keys and certificates this is similar to Advanced Martial Artist who use both Linear and Circular Motion which translates to guessing which makes the adversary vulnerable. On aanother note this raises the possibility of creating a chain certificate that uses RSA and ed25519 as combination with RSA using 8192 bits and the elliptic curvature ed25519.


Barry L. Crouse


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