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Chrome Browser accpted my 15300 RSA PKCS12 bit and 8192 CA-07/31/2020

                                Chrome Browser Accepted my 15300 PKCS12 Certificate and 8192 Bit CA          On 07/31/2020, I have installed my local Certificates on the Chrome Browser and it was accepted. I created the certificates  around June 2020. I installed them on my Firefox browser and now on my Chrome Browser these certificates were not accepted on the TOR Browser. The 15300 bit PKCS12 ceritificate is RSA Linear based also noteworthy is the installation of the 8192 bit Certificate of Authority.           This keeps RSA relevant because the new Public Key that makes RSA obsolete is the ed25519 ellipitec curvature Public Key algorithim. I have implemented this type of key on some of my email. If you wish to view the specifications on this key click on the link below           I feel that the next generation of Cryptography is based on a combination of Linear and Circular based keys and certificates this is similar to Advanced Martial Artist who

Crouse Web Hosting

                                                                       Crouse Web hosting              I have created a turnkey web hosting business named crousewebhosting  and have promoted this turnkey business about two - three months on Social Media, Traffic Exchanges, car bumper stickers.                 I have registered this business and bought a server Dell T 310 which was rebuilt and refurbished using Linux complete with Raid Disk. This site is also located on linkedin Crouse webhosting .               I bought a fully qualified domain name for this business so that I can participate fully in the New Digital Economy.  The site sells web hosting and domain names basically at a discounted price it offers SSL Certificates as well.             This was a way to work during the Coronavirus issues and it kept me on my toes. I have also linked Crouse webhosting to another one of my domains                           07/29/2020             Barry L. C

Chromium works with VPN and Encrypted Email

                                       Chromium Browser works with VPN and Encrypted Email              I have installed the Chromium Browser the past week end of July 2020 and used a VPN with EU based encrypted email and it has worked/successful. The Chromium Browser is installed on a encrypted Linux system to add additional security features. I attempted to use this on my twitter account and it worked a few times but other times it had issues reporting suspicious activity this was probably coming from a bot on the twitter side.          When I used the model described I was able to see my twitter page but could not login because of suspicious activity, This shows social media is not quiet able to handle this type of model as a whole.        The purpose as in Martial Arts is not to hurt people but to help people learning to build a strong defense not offense so when issues come up they can be handled when needed. This applies to the Internet.     I hope some people do not get carried

Welcome to Barrys Scientific Based Products blogging web site !

Welcome to Barrys Scientific Based Products blogging web site !          I would like to begin by telling a little about myself. I have been in the Computer Field since 1982 and have transitioned from the Corporate world to being Independent. I have studied Computer Sciences and Mathematics and have obtained a Ph.d in Computer Information Systems along with Certificates, Certifications, and Diplomas also written 90 U.S. and Canadian Copyrights along with obtaining 3 service marks.       As far as personal Interest I have studied the Martial Arts since 1981 after I graduated from High School and also like to play chess against the computer reached level 10 but could not beat it๐Ÿ˜€     I am winding down my copyright career after twenty plus years in the field and have finished my Nano Motherboard Design Project with the final update published on 07/26/2020 it is the SS-307 Nano Motherboard located at under the Nano Tab. I would like to design a Quantum K