Thoughts on Stand alone servers and Certificate development

                          Today is 09/10/2023, I would like to provide some information on Communication protocols and Certificate Development for stand alone servers new developments.                             I will begin by stating last week I attempted to use a software program that I have used for the past 10 years. The software allows you to build certificates that are RSA-Linear, EC-Curvature. I attempted to build certificates and yesterday on 09/09/2023 The data base and certificates were gone disappeared. I than looked into my software repository and found some additional components I could use to add to the software for certificates.                           I built the following RSA 16384 bits linear exported to both PEM and PKCS 12 format and the Curvature EC at 512 bits in my folders and browser. I was pleasantly surprised because using the software there was never any 512 bit communication protocol used it only maxed out in the low 400 bit range. The reason this is imp

Thoughts on being a Ph.d-Barry Lee Crouse

                          Today is 09/08/2023. I would like to provide my thoughts on being a Ph.d.                           I would like to begin by stating I became a Ph.d in 2008 in Computer Information Systems based on Private and Public Work Experience, Copyrights, Certifications in Novell and Cisco, Diplomas in Computer Aided Design, Web site design, Computer Repair. My work experience in greater detail reveals that I started formally working at Ernst & Whinney back in 1984 as a Coop student at Cleveland State and finished in 1999 as a IT Consultant. I have since than  worked independently and have no desire to work for somebody else do to constraints in regards to creativity and innovation which I feel most Government and Corporations lacking too overly structured. If you notice my Published and Copyrighted work in Science and Technology it deals with Internal Mechanics in layman's term nuts and bolts of systems it does not deal with the exterior a good example is the C

August-September Newsletter 2023

                    Today on 09/06/2023, I am writing a newsletter. I recently completed my 118th and 119th copyright. The 118th copyright is a Cryptographic Model using a seven dimensional object with 8 nodes, also in this work is the further development of the Theory of Non Singularity using The Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation and M string theory at the 8th Dimension.  This is a complex work and required a lot of attention to detail.                     The next is the 119th copyright and once again using a seven dimensional object to further improve the Cryptographic Model I have designed. I have also further developed the The Theory of Non Singularity using the Barry Equality Field Equation and M string Theory at the 7th dimension. The Non Singularity model at this level included 1 area of void space and I was able to reach 34 trillionth of a second using the model I designed.                  Both of these model, had the architecture extended above 65000 bits this allowed f

Thoughts on Social Media Influencer/Celebrity

                                     Thoughts on Social Media Influencer/Celebrity               Yesterday on 07/24/2023, My wife brought home a interesting magazine it was in Men's Health and a article discussing Social Media Influencer. The article talked about some well known celebrity ' s making the transition basically a career change. I also watched on youtube channel from Ivy League schools appearing to be going away from Einstein's Theory of Relativity Space/Time which means The Barry Equality Field Equation is starting to take hold which is great news for me because the equation is starting to "Influence" bring to light 21st century thinking. I spent 10 plus years in developing the equation so now it is starting to payoff. I also wrote another Equation named The Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation and very soon I will be presenting some thought provoking ideas in my next copyright.          I feel the same way about making a career change after writi

Thoughts on being a Martial Arts Master in my own style

                     Today is 07/09/2023, I would like to talk about my own martial Arts style and thoughts about receiving a 4th Dan Certificate for this.                  I have been receiving some posts about what does it take to be a Martial Arts Master which is generally recognized a 4th Dan. My martial arts journey began in 1981 and I was able to receive a 3rd degree blackbelt in Tae-Kwon-Do in 1999. While studying Tae-Kwon-Do, I also received training in Hapkido, Aikido and a little Judo. After 1999, I went free style because I saw a fight between a 7th Dan Korean Black Belt verse a Muay Thai Fighter. I recognized the limitations of Tae-Kwon-Do because the leg attacks were devastating. I knew how to kick the leg inside and outside and learned to check the leg attack along with usage of knees and elbows which in turn offered a way when you are fighting close inside but at the same time I also recognized the ability to use distance Tae-Kwon-Do kicks. The bility to control distance

Thoughts on 116th Copyright -Barry Crouse

                     On 07/02/2023, I was approved for my 116th Copyright. The work was named " Barrys SS-130 5d- Cryptographic Model". The project served a dual purpose.                     The first point is that it took a five dimensional Pyramid and created a network topology design and than created a patentable communication protocol using a new method or process.                   The second point is that it took the Barry Infinity Equality Field equation using the 9th dimension Math Equation creating and applying a application using  color spectrum's Assymetrical  energy and a Data string path to join two different sets of Energy in this case Orange and Yellow.              I researched the five dimensional object and found that this has not been explored using a geometric shape to create this type of usage.               I originally had a vision of a five dimensional object and the Network Topology Design but after working with it and going along, I was able to c

Mathematicians Find an Infinity of Possible Black Hole Shapes-Quanta Magazine My thoughts on the article

                        On 06/26/2023 early in the morning, I found a article entitled "Mathematicians find an infinity of Possible Black Hole Shapes" -Quanta Magazine.                                                  I have read the article and it appears that my work is/was being referenced regarding Higher Dimensions. The article written tries and makes attempts to preserve Einstein's and Hawkins work. The issues with Einstein's Theory of Relativity has been proven incorrect because Sub atomic particles exceeded the speed of light and passed through our matter the equation Einstein used  did not address the issues with sub atomic particles and in fact when Erwin Schroedinger asked about this issue to Einstein he basically refused to address it. The Barry Equality Field Equation did address this by including sub atomic particles along with multiple paths t

Thoughts on the 9th dimension Enneract wikipedia /Barry Equality Field Equation

                 Thoughts on the 9th dimension Enneract wikipedia /Barry Equality Field Equation.                   I recently came across a 9th Dimension Hypercube The image is below                              The 9th Dimension hypercube has 4 areas of space that can be accessed Internally and Externally. This type of hypercube has a infinite type of polytypes and is a 9-orthoplex. The common denominators for the Barry Equality Field Equation and or Barry Infinity Equality Field Equation are the following:               1). The Barry Equality Field Equation is represented by 4 areas of                                      space q1-q4.                2). The points on the Enneract look like they can represent node points and maybe used to represent a Quantum mechanic model.               2). The Barry Infinity Equality Field equation uses the equation below:

Barrys Scientific Based Products Newsletter June 2023

                               Barrys Scientific Based Products Newsletter June 2023          I am providing a technological news letter  for June 2023. I have republished my Cryptographic Models on Search with Barry ! for some reason they were not visible on Barrys Scientific Based Products website. I can only speculate and I went over one one named Crypt Model for SS87-89 Motherboard Design. The work was written 2018 and I noticed that it contain a math equation that began the Theory of Non Relativity chapter 4. The Equation and principles laid the foundations for more advanced complex and critical thinking and was a counter to Stephen Hawkins/Einstein theory's. This looks like it was suppressed for a long time without anybody's knowledge. The link to view the Cryptographic Models are below:                 I have recently published my new CPU design 1152 bit CPU this design uses a unique hashing and file scheme that wor

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