In response to "President Joe Biden" letter sent received on 01/25/2022

               My wife yesterday received a letter from "President Joe Biden" whether the letter is from him or not it does not matter possibly mail fraud. The letter was from the Democratic National Committee how my wife got on this list I do not know and do not care. The letter stated "This nation is worth fighting for and I am not giving up".  The problem with this letter is the country in general gave up on us a long time ago. You can hide behind different groups but that does not solve any issues that have been festering for a very long time.             When I brought my wife into this country from the former Soviet Union-Russia, I had a very complicated process in bringing her over here. I even had to contact a Senator in Cleveland to help me out. This was back in the late 90's.. I won and succeeded but the cost was my career in Computers and my family so I made my sacrifice unknown to me but now becomes more clear because Former President Ronald Reagon m

Barrys Scientific Based Products Decenber 12/2022 News letter

             Today is 12/14/2022. I am providing a update or newsletter on what I have been doing.            1). I have upgraded my hardware infrastructure new server and cable modem along with my hosting package to allow Search with Barry ! for allowance of a search engine bar. My old hosting package would not allow me to do this now with my upgraded hosting package the search engine bar can now be seen visually the website is located at           2). I recently had to configure my new cable modem with my DDNS provider and found that trustcor a Certificate of Authority who issues SSL Certificates was missing do to it's questionable practices.  I went to another DDNS provider and received a third party signer for free certifying Search with Barry !. This is a fully valid certificate. I downloaded this and imported into my Certificate Data Base and created a 3072 RSA Certificate fully valid as a CA into Mozilla Firefox accepted. My thoughts on this i

I have a solution for your forcing Corporate Biometric Data

              Today is 11/17/2022. I was notified yesterday on 11/16/2022 that GM car dealer and maker who services our loan will be changing procedures. They require a verification code to your email no problem here in addition to remembering device and the usage of Biometric data. I recently learned that GM applied for a trademark in Mexico that is related to this. GM has a headquarter in Texas so your Biometric data will be shipped to Mexico. I will point out the obvious issues with this and they are the following:              1). I do not agree with sending my personal data to Mexico because of or lack of Data Protection subjecting you to identity theft. I have had issues with this in the past filing complaints in the local U.S. Federal Courts and was disregarded despite having a Notarized Apostille marriage Document certified by the Russian Consulate and in Russia itself and stamped in my wife's passport.           2). Allowing a corporation to gain unchecked oversight to eng

Thoughts on Intelligent Design and Public Education and or Institutions

                                                                      Thoughts on Intelligent Design                                                             By                                                   Barry L. Crouse                     Today is 11/14/2022, I would like to talk about Intelligent Design in relations to Public Institutions specifically Google, Wikipedia, Quroa, and Public Education. I will begin by stating as I typed in google search “Barry Crouse Intelligent Design” I found all kinds of sarcastic public notices messages, essays, votes, etc.. I will address this.                The "Barry Equality Field Equation" is based on actual sciences not based on theory's that have been around for over 150 years and cannot be proven for example sub atomic particles were tested in Cern in Switzerland and were found to exceed the speed of light so in ess

Newsletter 09/2022

                 I have updated the following websites:                1).                         Search with Barry ! - Brand Name                2).                          Search with Barry ! - Brand Name                3).      Barry Equality Field Equation- Brand name.                    I have installed on the sites above web trust and privacy seals that are connected to a secured validation page with the image and link connected. This takes you back to the site where you visited.  The images and links are static in nature with very little coding. I have added a second language Spanish (Mexican) with the fully qualified domain names FQDN. I will try in the future to place some more trust and privacy seals on other web sites also I will look into licensing agreements.     Barry L. Crouse 09/29/2022             

Newsletter update August 2022

                       Today is 08/28/2022. I would like to provide a update on my two major Brand Names. The First one is Barrys Scientific Based Products now has a Fully Qualified Domain name  The website has been updated with SEO Search Engine Optimization along with the Social icons and links. Barrys Scientific Based Products can now be located on facebook and has it's own facebook page see link below:                       The second is Barry Equality Field Equation now is a registered trademark in Canada. The website has been updated as well SEO along with social icons and links. Barry Equality Field Equation can also be located on facebook with it's own page see link below:                         This concludes the updates. 08/28/2022 Barry L. Crouse                      

Thoughts on Private Public Financing and or 250k Goat Tax Financing and my proposals

                 Today is 07/25/2022. I would like to talk about obtaining financing in general regarding Intellectual property and my thoughts.          As some of you know or might not know, I have been writing copyrights for roughly 20 years dealing with Science and Technology. I have begun taking some of the copyrights and developing them into Design Patents and along the way obtaining trademarks more commonly called trade dress. I have throughout the years have attempted to get some financing but basically the expenses came out of my own pocket throughout the years with little or no results. I have seen a lot of facebook ads stating Business financing for ideas and Goat tax financing. There seems to be a lot of empty promises with little or no results for individuals or small businesses. I design computer hardware components with encryption and or algorithim's.        I would like to submit more design patents and maybe some 1 year provisional patents but having to do a utilit

Barrys Scientific Based Products June 2022 News

                                              Barrys Scientific Based Products June 2022 News               Today is 06/25/2022. I am going to provide some thoughts on my Canadian Trademark because of receiving Cryptic Messages also some successful Server implementation.              On 06/20/2022, I was officially approved for a Canadian Trademark for the service mark in quotes "Barrys Scientific Based Products". This came as a surprise I did not find out three days later. I know some people are not happy over this filled with negative emotions. I would like to point out how many times did I try for a National trademark in the United States at least three times and went through a lot of barriers. Barrys Scientific Based Products became a state service mark in 2011 first official use when I filed for the last time for a US Trademark around 2017 this was over 5 years in usage. When the USPTO stated I did not respond, The only option left was to file a response through the US F

Thoughts on my 105th under EU Copyright

                      Today is 05/22/2022. I would like to begin by stating I have been approved for my 105th Copyright under the EU. The work is entitled "648 Bit CPU and 729 Wiring Block Configuration".                      This work caused me a stumbling block because I started the project back in January of this year. I was out of ideas on how to make this a workable solution.  Now, we are in May of 2022 . I was  getting ready to erase my old Ubuntu 14 Linux system off my laptop and replace it with Linux Mint 20.03. I browsed my file system and came across my 648 bit CPU design folder and the idea popped in my head What if I could  use a number that could unify the 648 bit CPU and 729 bit wiring block for my design. I took my calculator and found the number 9 to be a workable solution. I was trying to stay with 8 bit processing. I than rewrote my wiring block configuration using 9 wires at 81 bits. My CPU was capable of punching 108 bits with 6 wires so by extending my wi

Thoughts on Church leaders and Social and or Digital Media

                                                                        Thoughts on Church leaders and Social and or Digital Media                         Today is 05/12/2022. I would like to discuss my thoughts on church leaders and Social Media.                          I was watching some videos on my TikTok feed and I noticed one pastor condemming people for studying Asian Martial Arts broken down to Eastern Mysticism it was from a Baptist Preacher who took a extreme view on Eastern Martial Arts. The preacher also mentioned Yoga as part of this "occult".                           The preacher did not fully understand the benefits of doing Eastern Based Martial Arts. In my case, I had Asthma and I was taught how to lower my heart beat and calm my self down so the Asthma attack would subside. People who study Eastern Martial Arts derive great benefits and the need for taking pills is greatly reduced and thus substance abuse is diminished . This leads us to to next point whi