Barrys Scientific Based Products -Product announcement March 2023

                                        Product announcements March 2023        Today is 03/19/2023. I wanted to announce that I have applied for a Industrial Design Patent in Canada. The Industrial Design Patent is pending.  The photo is above used on the finished product Barrys scientific Based Products.            In other news, I have completed my 111th copyright finishing off the low to middle range server with the 128 Pin Bios Chip Design. The method and process has been tested twice on 64 and 128 pins and presents a new method or process of Encryption. The menu screen for the Bios chip has been enhanced including a 16384 Bit Bios Screen along with a Date Encryption method attached to the copyright.    I wanted to thank Proton mail because 2048 bit encryption keys are no longer any good so I happily generated a RSA 4096 bit key promoting privacy and security I could have used the ECC method and make it even harder but having software manufactures having to beef up the Internet